Almost everyone in the world today owns a smartphone or two. It is no longer just a luxury but a necessity in our modern world. There are endless things you can do with it at any time of the day. These tiny pieces of plastics and metals allow you to socialize or even work (somehow) without requiring you to use an actual computer or laptop. It simply is indispensable in a lot of ways, which is probably why many don’t hesitate to spend hundreds to thousands of bucks to get the latest tech craze ahead of everyone else because of all the new perks it offers that only the best smartphones have. Seeing the trend when companies release their newest smartphone lines or models, the temptation to upgrade often is always there. One of the solutions most smartphone users find really helpful is to sell their older device so they only add up a few more bucks to come up with the money needed to buy a brand-new unit.

However, different devices sell differently. For starter, Apple units generally maintain their resale value pretty well even that of their much older models compared to its Android counterparts. Meanwhile, the market is full of a smorgasbord of Android smartphones both high-end and low-end. You can easily predict how a certain model will sell but for some, it is not always that pretty. Their resale value also quickly goes down because a lot of new models are released every few months or so. Most of these devices usually have the same specifications. A few tweaks here and there make them look a little different and thus can debut in the mobile market industry and in a way affect the prices of the existing smartphones already available out there.

Keeping up in the mobile market can be a costly endeavor. Whether you’re keen to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in smartphone technology, or simply like to update your phone every year, selling your old phone can make all the difference. However, due to the fast rate of change in mobile technology and wide range of handset released every year, smartphone prices typically fall shortly after they launch. This can limit what you’re able to get for your old handsets, which makes picking up a flagship which retains retail value very important. But which phones keep their value best?

We’re not necessarily looking for the cheapest selling prices or used prices on second hand sites. Instead we’re looking at the typical selling prices for the smallest memory models from Amazon or other major retailers, to give an idea of general market value rather than used prices. Most of the historic price data we use comes from


In the Android market, Samsung is arguably one of the most popular and sought-after brands out there next to Apple yet you’d be surprised to discover that secondhand HTC phones actually sells better than Samsung ones especially the S8 and S8 Plus of the Samsung’s Galaxy line. However, take note that this is a review of the S8 and S8 Plus alone and not of the entire Samsung product line. Availability plays a major role in this as well among others. Preference is also one such factor but knowing about a phone’s resale value can also impact a consumer’s buying choice in the first place especially nowadays when phone users tend to change and upgrade their phones after a year or two of use and they often, if not always, sell their previous unit when doing so.

Used iPhones hold their resale value better than other leading smartphones, according to a new study.

Like cars, which lose significant value the minute they’re driven off a dealer’s lot, smartphone resale prices take a hit as soon as the devices are removed from the box.

The iPhone 7 lost 34% of its value one month after use, according a study by used gadget sales site Decluttr, the smallest drop of any other brand’s flagship phones over a similar period. The Samsung Galaxy S7, which lost half its value in its first month on the market, for example, was the next best.


It is common knowledge that you will be able to enjoy a higher resale value if you own an Apple phone. Everybody knows that. The market knows that. Their price depreciates really slowly and you have only Apple’s own products as competition aside from the wide array of Android phones that populates the market. Samsung users come in second and it is easy to see why their gadgets rank higher than the rest of Android ones. The aesthetic, topnotch specifications and ease of use are just some of the reasons why the masses are drawn to Samsung devices but the only downside is they often release new units that may be the very reason why their phones’ resale value significantly goes down.

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