Good news: There are a lot of developments that may point to us being in the tail-end of this pandemic. Imagine that! Not only have some of us survived, as a good number of us actually thrived and grew from these adverse events. Many of us have learned new skills, some of us were courageous enough to shift careers, but only after being forced from leaving their industries, while some had to cope with the ravages of the virus to them and their loved ones. Well, this may be a downer, but life must indeed move on and it’s about time that you may start to consider how to reward yourself because you survived this pandemic.

And what better way to reward yourself than a new smartphone. Our phones are practically stitched to us because we feel that we always have to be updated with the latest happenings, whether it is about our friends and people in our social networks or the country and all around the world in general. While we may have suffered from the news being shown to us daily about the hundreds and thousands of lives being taken away by the virus, we have to admit that our phones have also played a substantial role in keeping us sane during this time. So, are you ready to reward yourself with a new phone? What are you going to do with your old one, the one that accompanied you through this dark era of human history?

Decide where to sell.
If you want to get money for your old phone so that you won’t have to pay the entire amount for a new one, you have three options: First, you can have a company buy it from you. Second, you can trade it with a manufacturer and you can get credit for your old phone. Your third option is to sell it in an online marketplace like eBay or Craiglist and have another person buy it from you. All of these options are viable, just practice caution so you won’t get duped.

It’s time to just keep your phones for a year. Period. Upgrade every year. As good as your old phone is. Because upgrading makes more economic sense.
Why fight it? Apple, Samsung and Google do such an amazing job every 12 months of persuading us why we need to ditch the old model for the new. And those new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models were just released Friday. Did you get yours yet?

Are you selling it to a company?
In the early 2000s, so many companies were available that offer to buy old, damaged, and even broken cellphones in exchange for cash. A lot of these companies campaigned for their services in the guise of championing the environment and recycling. However, some of them like CashforiPhones, have been found to commit fraud, not giving their customers the correct cash corresponding to the true value of their phones. Many of those companies were also proven to use the bait and switch ploy, where customers are given bloated amounts only to be given a percentage of that amount once it’s time for the companies to pay them. The good news is that the remaining companies still in the market like Next Worth and EcoATM (formerly Gazelle), have been proven themselves to be legitimate businesses that do not commit fraud.

There are plenty of benefits that you can get when you choose to sell your used electronic gadgets online. Though the cash you can get from selling your used electronic device will not be enough to buy the latest unit or a new one, it adds up to the original amount you bought the device when it was new.

Would you prefer to have credit?
Your other option would be to use a trade-in service, where you will be presented with an estimate of your old device, after which you can decide whether you would like to credit that you can use to buy a sparkling new phone. With a service like Verizon, you can take your phone to a store and have it appraised right there and then, so you can exchange it for a new phone. Other services like Amazon will even give you a box where you can send your phone and then receive the phone you’ve chosen after. Of course, you need to remember that the credits these stores like Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Samsung, provide you with credits or cash that you can only use to buy a new device in the same store.

If you’re thinking about trading in your phone, consider spending a few minutes researching how much you could earn by selling the device. This can give you an idea of the trade-off you’d make by opting for the convenience of a trade-in over the work it might take to sell the phone.

Are you selling your unit by yourself?
Take note that selling your phone yourself may give you the highest value for your phone, This is because you are the one who will command the price of your gadget. You will not be restricted by a company that will tell you how much your old device is. All you need to do is write a very convincing ad, post it on Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay, and viola, hope someone will respond to your ad without haggling a lot.

There are two types of buyers: those who know what they are looking for and those who are browsing to see what could convince them. Regardless of which kind of customer you sell to, it’s always helpful to be as detailed as possible. Don’t lie about your product’s condition or capabilities — be honest!

Decided on having a new phone? What about a laptop? If you need help in making sure you have all the important documents secured before selling your laptop, read here: to see how we can help.