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Technology is an exciting game. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we have continually observed the data recovery and hard drive industries, and have seen mass changes in the level of storage available on the hard disk platters over the past five years. Where once a regular 3.5 inch hard drive could only store a maximum of 1 GB just a few years ago, we are now seeing the exact same HDD store and upwards of 500GB, with aims to store more than 2000 GB. In fact, this goal has already been reached in some industrial server applications.

This improved hard disk drive technology has come with a price. While HDD devices now store more data than ever, they also are subject to more problems due to heat, dust, and other issues. The devices are smaller, and require more repairs as hard disk platters are more susceptible to damage from regular use. This means that Hard Drive Recovery Group receives more HDD repair requests than ever, a trend we don't see changing anytime soon. When you encounter a hard drive failure and require HDD repair, there are few things you should know before going with the provider.

Professional HDD Repair?

One of the key qualifiers when selecting a hard drive recovery company with real HDD repair experience is whether or not that shop offers clean room services. When you experience a hard drive crash or failure, there are a number of different potential causes of data loss.

On one hand, you could simply be experiencing a file system crash, or operating system problem. In cases like this, almost all shops purporting to offer hard disk drive data recovery can usually handle your issue. The fact is, in order to retrieve your data in this event, all that will be necessary is a good quality data recovery software product. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we do not necessarily call this a HDD repair per se. Instead, this is as simple data recovery request. It does not require clean room service.

Physical HDD Damage

On the other hand, if your hard drive has ceased to function, and is not detected at the BIOS level, it is likely you will need professional HDD repair services. Hard Drive Recovery Group offers just such services. One of our key benefits is that we do offer clean room HDD repair services. What this means is that essentially we have the means and equipment with which to safely open and repair your computer's hard disk drive.

A key question which should be asked of any HDD repair company is this: do you have access to a class 100 or better clean room? If the answer to this is shaky, or no, then understand that your HDD repair will either be outsourced, or improperly performed.

Clean rooms are necessary because dust particles can easily corrupt your hard disk drive platters. Clean rooms are 100% free of dust, and are therefore the only industry approved environment in which to perform physical HDD repairs.

Contact Us Now

If you think you require HDD repair services, we encourage you to contact us first. Many competitors may request that you send your hard drive to them immediately without any questions, which is a sure sign that you will be overpaying, when it is possible that all you need a simple data recovery.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we always push our clients towards software solutions for their HDD repair, which is incredibly cost effective, and when it can be performed, can ensure HDD data is recovered in minutes.

When your HDD repair cannot be accomplished through software, it is necessary to get in-shop hard drive repair services. We offer a free quote, and encourage you to try our competitors as well. We are one of the few HDD repair shops to offer a simple guarantee: if we cannot recover your data, we will not charge. It's a virtually unmatchable guarantee.

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