Reap the Benefits of Doing Email Right

Admit it: If there is one skill that the pandemic has sharpened in all of us who have been working from home, that would be proper email etiquette. Well, there are a good number of things that messaging apps can convenience us with, but there are just some things that don’t cut it with just sending a private message. And since we aren’t seeing a lot of each other that much, we have resorted and depended on emails. So, aside from video conferencing and setting the right schedules for tasks to be accomplished on time despite working remotely, email etiquette is one great thing we have mastered in this pandemic.

Or have we? well, it is not too late to work on your overall working style when it comes to email, because even if we go back to a “new normal”, there is little, if no chance, that emails will all of a sudden become an obsolete way of getting in touch with work teammates and clients. With that said, here are some tips on how to keep your email …

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Shopping for Computers? Here’s How!

If there is one thing that this pandemic taught us, is that you can never have too many laptops at home. With the kids doing online modules for most of the school year and the adults having to work at home or risk getting fired from their jobs, having just a tablet or smartphone won’t hack it for everyone. There is a difference in productivity between someone who uses a computer or laptop (although there is also a difference between someone who uses a unit with a separate screen or with dual screens from someone who just uses a laptop, that’s a whole other blog post) and someone who just uses a gadget like a tablet, even if it is equipped with a monitor. And if all you have as a spare laptop before the pandemic was an old, trusty laptop that saw its heyday when it was still connected to AOL and is only fast when you play Solitaire on it, then you realize that it was definitely time for an upgrade, if not buying extra unit for each …

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Destroying Hard Drives 101: The Acid Test

Look at the news today and you’ll probably find at least half a dozen articles on a data breach somewhere. Between Sony, Ashley Madison and the Department of Homeland Security (ouch) it feels like no one is safe. I mean, if these big guys can’t keep your digital information safe how are you, average Joe/Jane supposed to do it?hard-disk-in-acid

Well there are ways to protect your data that you might not have thought of before. The type of thing that almost anyone can deal with. If you do have a faulty drive, remember your biggest issue is data recovery cost when you want to recover your files. You can throw your hard drive in the ocean, you can smash it to pieces with a cinder block or you can just not store data digitally ever again. But there’s one other thing you might not have thought of before:

The more information you put online or in the digital space, the more opportunities there are for nefarious types to get at it. You can hardly go a day without reading about

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Hard Drive Failure Recovery: 3 Major User Mistakes To Look For

If you find yourself looking at a corrupt or seemingly dead hard drive and you’€™re very afraid that you could potentially lose all of your data, rest easy: this happens to hundreds of people everyday. You are also quite aware of hard drive recovery cost ranges, and it’s looking a little frightening if you have to go down the physical recovery path. The good news: for many of them it is not such a big deal.

Hard drive failure recovery can be tricky.
Hard drive failure recovery can involve messages like this.

Yes, you may have a lot of very important files: that sales presentation that is due in two days, maybe your year-end tax accounting files that will keep you from a messy IRS audit, or maybe just those special vacation photos that you just forgot to back up. Not to mention the important e-mails, your work calendar, and all the other critical stuff that is stored on your hard drive. But don’t worry, because it is always possible to get hard drive failure recovery.

But there are those people that decide to take the …

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Failing Hard Drives – Which To Avoid!

It’s basically a fact that when it comes to hard drives, whether they are old platter and spindle style or brand new SSD style, you’re best to not trust them on their own. This is what backups are for, of course, and certainly doing that is going to ensure that there’s practically no way you have to require a data recovery company like Hard Drive Recovery Group or our services.

So yeah, having a backup is fine. But what about the idea of avoiding risk by finding out which manufacturers tend to sell the drives that fail the most? I mean, if you had some way of tracking which hard drive companies you should avoid and which ones you should buy from, wouldn’t it make the whole data safety concept a whole lot better?

Well, we think so, and apparently so does, as they actually have a hard drive failure rate study up on their website. Their methodology is:

Backblaze has recorded and saved daily hard drive statistics from the drives in our data centers since April 2013. At

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Maximizing Storage Space On Your PC Today

Almost each household now has a computer or laptop or even more. It comes in handy not only for work or school tasks but even for storing photos, movies, videos, and other virtual memory you cherish most. Unfortunately, your computer’s hard drive can only save a certain amount and it has its limit. If your hard drive is damaged, meanwhile, your storage capacity gets worse. And when it does, you have no choice but to save one temporarily on a flash drive, purchase a pricey external hard drive, or worse, delete extra stuff.

While deleting them is not an option you delight in, it happens at times (albeit with a heavy heart). But if you find yourself in a similar situation now, don’t just throw in the towel yet. Back stuff up, and avoid having to pay data recovery service prices We’ll try to find ways how we can maximize computer storage space without sacrificing the memories you have made along the way.

Holiday pictures, party videos, movies or music: eventually every hard drive reaches its limits and

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Vintage Mac For The Modern You

A lot has changed today that there are times we feel nostalgic and long for the good old days. Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time and we can only heave a deep sigh and look back on all the things that we miss from yester-years. From movies, TV shows, fashion and even habits and lingo, many of them define an era and older people can’t help themselves but long for the things they used to love but no longer have today. These changes are more noticeable among tech gadgets since they do stand out in the crowd.

The story of the Mac is among the first computing devices that showed everyone how technology can change our lives. While most of us, including Hard Drive Recovery Group engineers, got annoyed by the many eccentricities and limitations of the early Internet Explorer, the elite was enjoying the perks only an Apple Mac desktop can offer. And over the following years, we have seen how Apple continued to shape the computing world like no other had the ability to.

The Internet Archive is

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Hard Drive Failures That Make News

It’s no longer acceptable for someone not to know a thing or two about technology. After all, it is what makes the world go round these days and it does not show any sign of stopping. From your smart gadgets to laptops and computers at home, they help us stay connected to the World Wide Web aside from allowing us to do plenty of tasks that require the use of a tech gadget of sorts like admin tasks and clerical work. It is even more important for businesses to keep themselves abreast of technological updates and advancements since they often have a big impact on the success or failure of their enterprise.

Even ordinary individuals understand pretty well the value of a hard drive, particularly when it has to be recovered:  Many go crazy when they accidentally delete a photo or two especially if they haven’t saved it on a backup device yet. Nowadays, a lot of tech issues like hard drive problems gain a lot of attention because businesses stop and countless lives are affected when these glitches …

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IOSafe SSD – Hard Drive Recovery Unnecessary?

As we have mentioned on occasion before, we simply love those IOSafe drives. A great idea, seems to be executed extremely well, and comes with the kind of price that doesn’t scream as “premium” as it would have a mere five years ago. Yes, the consolidation of the hard drive industry has been fantastic for users, and those prices aren’t going up anytime soon. Of course, hard drive recovery service costs are not going down.  IOSafe, though, seems to be in a class of its own as far as hard disk protection.

So, it appears the company is moving forward with this, its first SSD drive.  It’s certainly not for the thin of wallet, to be sure, but it’s nice to see them taking their hard disk safety technology forward with this $499 beauty. Plus, it’s one of the fastest hard drives PC Mag has ever tested, due in part to its USB 3.0 interface. At least that was then, of course. It is important to note that this blog was originally published in 2011. Data has changed …

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Mac Hard Drive Recovery Just Got Harder…

Well, color us surprised, but then, not really. Apple is up to its old tricks again, this time making it harder than ever to perform Mac hard drive recovery. Or removal. Or replacement, for that matter… Which of course is a money issue, as your data recovery cost can only explode in cases like this.

Yes, according to a note on Engadget, the new IMac actually has a “specialized” proprietary SATA cable for its hard disk, on which features a seven prong setup as opposed to the usual four prong. This  means that if you were really techie about it (and you have to be on an IMac anyway, as removing a drive is nowhere near an easy task for the layman) and you wanted to put a new hard drive in your system, you’d be completely out of luck. Not saying that is pretty much par for the course for almost all Apple products, but kind of saying that. Let’s face it: the services part of the Apple business is a cash cow for the company – …

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Hard Drive Crash Resistant Drives?

More great hard drive technology from IOSafe coming down the pipe. The 3TB “Everythingproof” hard disk drive touts itself as not only crash and failure proof, but fire and waterproof! Always an excellent claim, particularly considering the high data recovery prices in the industry. This is one of those drives that you could take a blowtorch to and to cool it off, throw it in icy water. A “Mythbusters”-style piece of hardware, from a really innovative company.

Yep, can’t say enough about the technology at IOSafe (it isn’t good for our business, mind you ;)), but knowing the business of hard drive repair and recovery quite well, we would note that price, especially when it comes to storage media and hardware, is pretty much priority one when it comes to regular users. Business users can sometimes be different, but (much to their dismay when an inevitable hard drive failure occurs), more than often are also a little “by the seat of their pants” when it comes to data safety. This is the kind of drive that will of course change …

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Data Warehousing: Why Businesses Do Not Find It Appealing And What Works

Most of us are clueless about most computer lingo. As long as we know how to use a computer or laptop and make our way around the web, then we feel that we are good to go. But as technology progresses and more and more of the processes we use become increasingly complex for our simple minds, it helps to learn about one tech concept at a time so we do not hear crickets chirping in the background the next time we encounter it.

Data storage is a crucial concept nowadays where conventional means have been shadowed by more advanced ones – just think of the cloud. Things like Cloud backups are critical, especially considering data recovery prices are not going lower. Oh, and there is also data warehousing – an equally important process that makes business all over the world go round and flourish.

Data warehouse was coined by William H. Inmon in the 1970s. Inmon, known as the Father of Data Warehousing, described a data warehouse as being “a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data that

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A Spring Data Cleanup Can Be A Great Thing

You’d think with the rise of digital files there would be a lot less clutter in our lives. In many cases clutter has gotten worse. You can open a folder on your computer and sometimes find hundreds of files and photos that you don’t even need. You might also have a dozen email clutteraccounts or old digital receipts for that pair of pants you had dry-cleaned five years ago. A lot of this information is unnecessary and if you had received a paper file it would be long gone by now. This stuff can build up and get pretty heavy within your computer system. Left alone and with some aging drive technology, you could run into trouble later on when it comes to data recovery service cost issues – this service is expensive, no matter who you deal with.

You need to be proactive about what you keep and what you get rid of. Do you really need that photo of your dessert that you shared on social media four weeks ago taking up space on your phone? Probably not.…

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No Nonsense Hard Drive Facts For Smart Users

It really was about time. If you know the hard disk drive industry at all, you know that they have some marketing people that love to try to make a metal box look like a Corvette. This is hard drive technology, after all, which is frankly, quite amazingly dull. You wouldn’t think it did a lot, if it wasn’t for hard drive failures and high data recovery costs. A lot of business owners like it that way. It’s a sturdy technology that lets you put a lot of information into a small space. Saves paper, too. Frankly, a hard drive still provides superb storage, even when it’s in the classic spindle and platter format. Although if you were talking to a marketer, he’d tell you it was more exciting than the moon landing!

This article on hdd specifications from PC World is a great no-nonsense look at specs, and what to look for when you need an additional storage point. Someone needed to say it, and I’m glad that PC World did. Take it from us: there are really …

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How to Choose A Hard Drive Recovery Service

We live in a digital age. Fewer people turn to pen and paper to take notes or to write letters. If you’re like pretty much everyone, you’re probably reading this off the screen of an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.choosing a data recovery service

Meanwhile, hand-held cameras have been replaced by the camera on your smart phone. Most albums are digital and the coming generation isn’t going to know what a CD is, let alone a cassette tape. We download and upload files daily. We like, share and tweet by the swipe of a finger.

While this may be the case, we need to be careful with our information. By storing all our documents, videos, music and photos on a hard drive we run the risk of losing it all immediately. The problem then is going to be data recovery cost related. Aside from backing up your information to an external hard drive every so often (you really should schedule a time once a week that you do this), it is important to realize that you may one day need …

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How to Fix External Hard Drive Problems In A Pinch

One of the most intriguing things about the data recovery industry in general is the fact that there are always websites out there that are offering some kind of quick fix. This makes sense on a lot of levels, particularly economically, and that’s because data recovery pricing is always high, and is going up.  Recently, we have come across a lot of sites that claim to tell you how to fix external hard drive failures.

Dangerous Information Is Everywhere

Naturally, we do not want to target anyone specifically when we say that typically a lot of this information is not only incorrect, but very dangerous, particularly in cases where the data that needs to be recovered from an external hard drive is very critical. We have seen a lot of cases where businesses trust their data to shoddy data recovery software providers or computer repair stores that really have very little idea about providing professional data recovery, and we can tell you that these stories always end badly. We often end up picking up the pieces in situations like …

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Lost Data? Recover It In 1-2-3

Data has evolved to become a truly precious commodity now. The word meant little to us a decade ago and we would likely relate it to plain information but it holds more power in our modern tech-crazed society now. Smart gadgets are life. The Internet is the place to be. Data is everything: You need data to access the web and you create data from all the files you share online or input on your computer – from that high school photo you can’t wait to post next Thursday as your throwback picture or that entire collection of movies you’ve accumulated through the years to the important documents that signifies all your achievements in life.

We value all this data highly and will move heaven and earth to get them back in the unlikely case of losing it or having it accidentally deleted. Data recovery is the process of salvaging your lost data whatever the reason may be. While some brave souls attempt to recover their lost data by themselves, it is always advised to have an expert …

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Are Self-Replicating Computers the Future?

Computers have been at the forefront of our lives for decades now. While before they were mostly used in schools and offices, computers have welded themselves to the very core of our daily lives – think about smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and all the other appliance or gadgets you have at home or even in your pocket or bag. You start wondering how can technology still push the limits and what is waiting for us in the years to come. Hard Drive Recovery Group engineers wonder the same thing!

We all know that nothing is impossible in this world. Many great inventions have been born out of a little innovation but with a lot of brains, talents, and support. Considering what the computing world has to offer now, we are pretty sure our minds will be blown away at what experts in the field can come up with. Oxford University’s Professor Nick Bostrom had something to say about computer superintelligence in an article published in the

“So think of all the crazy technologies that you could have imagined

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What Do These Error Messages Mean?

There you are, surfing the Internet to your heart’s content. The connection is fairly stable, you are gaining momentum at work, and you are focused on finishing your tasks because your Netflix to-watch list is eagerly waiting. You are finishing your last item, which is to check a competitor’s website. There are ten minutes before you quit work at 5:00. Then suddenly, upon pressing the enter button after typing the website address, your browser keeps on declaring, “Connecting…” And you eagerly wait. Then, your browser’s screen goes blank. And then, you read something that makes you catch your breath and think that this is not happening. You just saw a “504 Gateway timeout” error message on the website you are about to be visiting. Your smile freezes as you bid your hopes of finishing work on time goodbye. Maybe the website will be up again in 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour, maybe? You just have to keep your fingers crossed and don’t forget to hold on to your last ounce of sanity.

What timing, right? But unfortunately, …

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Don’t Just Delete, Wipe!

Are you thinking of selling your laptop? Do you have devices that you plan on giving to your kids or to charity instead of disposing them to the trash? Giving these devices to someone or having them recycled is a way better strategy to rid yourself of them, instead of putting them in the trash. After all, electronic waste is no joke and in fact, has become a major environmental problem. But before you give that laptop away, you have to make sure you have the device squeaky clean and does not contain your files (unless you want to give some important files like pictures and documents to the recipient of your device). You certainly would not want to suffer the same fate as some celebrities who had their phones or laptops repaired, only to have their very personal content leaked out to the world days later. In other words, you need to make sure that if you have files of the very private kind in your device, those are completely erased and cannot be retrieved or recovered.

Thus, what …

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The Torrenting Life

One of the newest things I was introduced to in this pandemic is Korean dramas. Otherwise called K-dramas, I got hooked into it when I watched Kingdom, a historical drama that involved creatures that do not seem to die. History, zombies, and foreign cultures? Sign me up! I watched the show on Netflix and got so much into it that I asked for recommendations of other shows in a similar genre that I could watch. A friend gave me a name of a show that he claimed was on Netflix and so I opened my app in excitement, only to find out that the show was not available on Netflix USA, thank you geo-restrictions. I told my friend of my heartbreaking discovery and he told me to use a VPN to access it. I thought it would make sense to use a VPN, but then I would have to switch back and forth between using a VPM and not using one if I want access to content only available on Netflix USA. Ugh, that’s one hassle I don’t want to …

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The Art of Hiding With a VPN

Even if you do not consider yourself an expert when it comes to using the internet, a sure thing you may have heard of is a VPN. You may have already gotten a lot of recommendations for you to use it, especially since awareness and action of web users when it comes to protecting their privacy is at a high these days. I can still remember the last time people recommended me to install a VPN for my device, it was for Pokemon Go, where I was told to install a VPN so that I can catch monsters even outside my geographical area. So, I did without really understanding the whole affair.

Update: I got tired of playing Pokemon Go, so eventually I uninstalled the game from my smartphone but retained my VPN. Apparently, there were more benefits to having a VPN working for me aside from just me getting more exotic monsters. So, I did more reading on the benefits of having a VPN and, viola, indeed, a good VPN service does more than just change your location so …

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Are You Verified?

If you are like anyone else in this time of a pandemic, you must have been spending an obscene amount of time on social media. Who is not doing that nowadays, anyway? There has never been a better time in history to plant yourself on your couch (or bed), mindlessly scrolling your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok feeds and no one will find fault in that. After spending eight hours in your “home office” (and a couple more hours of overtime because your boss tells you to finish something ASAP since you’re already at home and therefore, you won’t have to travel) and spending some time with the significant other and the kids, if any, you need to reward yourself with some activity that doesn’t require much thinking or physical activity. So, scroll away! Besides, everybody else is at home as well and busy updating everyone on their social network of their latest passion projects, so everyone is just pretty much updated with what is going on with each other’s lives.

One current trend nowadays among social media netizens is …

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Quick Fixes to Some WFH Challenges

It has been months since the pandemic started and everyone has been mostly holed up at home, even for work. How have you been holding up? Can you claim that you have fully adjusted to this modern workplace that everybody has been subjected to without much of a choice? Truth be told, everyone welcomed the idea at first of working from home because of particular benefits such as getting to spend more time with the family and savings in time and money because there’s less commute and there’s no need to spend on clothes and food. And while it is true that most of us have already adjusted to the “new normal” of working from home, there are still a few kinks and persistent issues that continue to haunt even the most adjusted of us.

Yes, working from home has presented us with new challenges, but do not worry as there are fixes to them. While it is true that asking for help is more convenient when we were still reporting to the office as there are always those trusty …

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US Gets Into the China Apps Hate Bandwagon

So now, it is not only India that has been banning apps that have originated from China. In retaliation to armed skirmishes in the border they share with China, India has banned the use of Chinese apps such as the ubiquitous Tiktok and WeChat in July.   This move from India must have been quite successful as lately, US President Donald Trump has also made threats and in fact, already issued executive orders for the country’s app vendors to band the use of Chinese apps with the American mobile phone public.

It may seem like the President is banning the use of these Chinese apps in the middle of the trade war between the two countries, USA and China. Is this actually the cause of the ban? In the case of India, it was quite obvious that Tiktok and 59 other apps from China have been banned as a sort of retaliation as the army of both countries figured in deadly encounters in June. India cited some provisions in their Information technology Act as reasons for their action, although everyone knows …

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