By now, unless you’re on a YOLO mindset, you should already be staying at home. You wouldn’t want to catch the COVID19 virus, would you? Even if you’re the altruistic, other-before-self kind of person, you shouldn’t really be outdoors because if you bring the virus with you home, your family and those who get in contact with you might be the ones to get sick. So really, stay home.

So, now that you’re being a good person and staying home, doing your part to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of the virus, you can’t really say that you’re bored and left with nothing to do. You’re in the comforts of your home (or wherever it is you’ve chosen to camp during this lockdown period). True, you can’t do any and all outdoor activities, but there are still so any things you can do at home. Think about it: There are so many things we have put in the backburner, activities we have postponed; and now is the time to bring them back to the forefront. Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some ideas:

Get back to being a bookworm

Remember your childhood, when huge thunderstorms would visit your hometown and power’s out – what would you and your family do? Build a blanket fort, gather all your flashlights, and read books. Well, this lockdown may be a bit longer than those of our cozy childhood memories, but then, wouldn’t it be a great time to revive or start good reading habits? You don’t have excuses – you won’t have your commute, working from home won’t be that strenuous, and you now have the option of eBooks. Even if text isn’t your cup of tea, you also have the option of listening to audiobooks. Let this coronavirus lockdown be the start of your becoming a full-fledged bibliophile.

With film and television productions shutting down, concerts and other major events being cancelled, and venues from amusement parks to select movie theatres closing their doors temporarily amid coronavirus concerns, there is one tried and true place to which to turn for entertainment and escapism: books.



Catch up on podcasts

Podcasts have become a very popular form of entertainment in the past few years and now’s a good time to join the podcast bandwagon, if you haven’t yet. What’s great about podcasts is that most of them are free and they strike a great balance between being strait-laced informative and entertaining. Also, there’s everything for everyone, depending on what topic interests you. So, whether you’re into tech, Korean drama series, politics, or true crime, there’s surely a podcast for you to listen to for the entire lockdown duration.

As coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread and disrupt the daily lives of people across the globe, forcing many to self-quarantine, we are compiling the best online offerings from artists, museums and galleries. Here, we look at some of the best podcasts.




Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you can’t give a hand to people in need. You can volunteer for different causes without having to leave your house.  Various organizations need social media specialists, graphic artists, writers, et cetera, so you can sign up in various e-volunteer platforms and utilize your skills for a greater cause.

While the world braces for cases of the COVID-19 disease to swell and for the economic and social impacts to fully make themselves known, read on for ways you can act — from donating personal protective equipment to hospitals to remote volunteering or sending a letter to a stranger just to let them know you’re there.




Cooking is one activity that will keep you preoccupied and nourish you at the same time. After all, you can’t be serious with only eating microwavable food the entire lockdown period, can you? Cooking can be an intimidating activity, so make sure to keep your recipes simple and your ingredients minimal so you won’t need to keep on going to the grocery store and break your quarantine.

Cooking while self-quarantining may feel daunting. After all, you can only eat pasta and marinara sauce so many times in a row.

To pull you out of that impending food rut, celebrity chefs are weighing on Twitter and Instagram with their simple, healthy and isolation-friendly recipes, as well as cooking hacks and recommended shopping lists.



On the other hand, if in this work from home period you accidentally deleted some important files from your laptop, we can help.  Read here to see what services we have to offer: