This article is in no way trying to promote hate or xenophobia, but when we are to ask which country the world hates on so much the most these days, it has got to be China. For one, the country is believed to be the birthplace of the Wuhan virus, which has since the start of the year infected thousands (if not millions already) of people throughout the world, brought the world economy to a freefall, and is set to change the way everyone in the world lives day to day. The pandemic happened in the middle of a trade war between the United States and China, which has since then been aggravated with the turn of events. Finally, if all of those things are not enough, China has not stopped in pursuing some aggressive actions in its territories and borders, with military clashes between the Chinese and Indian militaries in their shared borders in late June, as well as the Chinese government taking on a firmer stance in Hong Kong.

In the world of technology where China has become a force as well, things have escalated, with the US taking the trade war to the tech front as well. Moreover, other countries have also taken action in the tech frontier, mainly to the disadvantage of the world’s new superpower. Will the rest of the world triumph over China if it takes it disputes to the technological field?

India retaliates through mobile

On June 15, just when the world still continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, India and China had its first border clash in more than 40 years that resulted in deaths. India reported 20 soldiers killed, while China has yet to declare its military casualties. Top level military talks have been taking place since then, but that does not stop the Indian government to deal with the problem in another way. New Delhi has demanded that apps developed by Chinese companies be blocked in India. With India set to become the most populous country and thus, having millions of Internet users, these Chinese app developers may surely feel some sting of this retaliation.

Two days after India blocked 59 apps developed by Chinese firms, Google and Apple have started to comply with New Delhi’s order and are preventing users in the world’s second-largest internet market from accessing those apps.


Chinese tech still gets US cold treatment

Remember last year when Chinese phones like Huawei were banned from installing anything from Google’s Play Store?  Apparently, the ban is up again as the US government is trapping Chinese manufacturers in a corner.

As a result of a ban on trading with the US, Huawei can’t preload newly released phones with Google apps like Maps and YouTube, the Play Store or Google Assistant.


Even SG is Freezing China in its 5G Infra

Even Singapore, home to millions of ethnic Chinese, is having second thoughts of making China a major player in its tech advancements. One of Asia’s (and the world’s) most technologically-advanced companies have awarded the building of their 5G infrastructure to European companies, leaving Chinese tech firms scratching their heads. Is this the city-state’s response to the hassle COVID-19 has brought to its shores or is the US also exerting pressure?

The international media has widely reported this development as Huawei losing out to Ericsson and Nokia in Southeast Asia’s most technologically developed country.


EU – China tech relations also lukewarm

Members of the European Union, in response to China’s militaristic actions in the UK’s former colony Hong Kong, have also been disengaging with Chinese tech companies.

Meanwhile, the UK, after declaring a golden era of relations with China, and allowing Huawei technology in its 5G network, performed a volte-face, and has become one of the most vocal countries in Europe against Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong and investment screening for Chinese companies.


Taiwan looks elsewhere

Finally, Taiwan, a country which has for years taken advantage of cheap Chinese labor, has pulled out a lot of its investments and is looking elsewhere. The US, which ironically only recognizes China, may have a role in this.

Never before has the Trump administration so forcefully challenged Chinese companies’ access to Taiwan’s high-tech supply chain — and, by extension, Beijing’s influence over the self-governing island democracy, which it claims as part of its territory.


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