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Hard Drive Repair For Macs And PCs

Hard drive repair in a clean roomAs a company with a hard drive repair and drive data recovery focus, we understand that losing your data can be a difficult thing. If it's personal data, perhaps a word document or a number of less important files, often it can be easily written down as a simple mistake, one which can be remedied with relatively inexpensive data recovery software.

But, there are cases when hard disks fail and simply must be repaired. As an example, let's say you just spent five hundred hours scanning in a mass of family photos. Let's say that many of these photos have been restored digitally. Losing this hard drive altogether is simply not an option.

An alternative case may be your business computer. For many companies, hard drive repair is a must when mission critical data (such as in MS SQL and Oracle data recovery cases) is lost, either due to a file system error, or an actual hard disk freeze or problem.

Some companies keep their entire customer database on one drive, and discover one day that their IT staff wasn't using an effective backup solution - the result: a lot of lost data, and serious concern.

With Hard Drive Recovery Group, you never need to panic. Our technicians are fully versed in hard disk drive technologies, including specialized services like RAID, laptop and Mac data recovery, going back 10 and 15 years, and have been trained by manufacturers on product released as recently as last month. What's more, our data recovery rate is above 98%. Chances are, if your drive is still in one piece, we can help.

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Do You Need Hard Drive Repair?

Be aware that many of our competitors recommend hard drive repair as a "first resort". At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we see it as a last resort.

As an example, if only your boot record is missing, our line of data recovery software should be able to return your drive to service within an hour. Our technicians are trained to determine the root cause of your hard disk failure over the phone, and we always choose the path of least resistance.

We will say, however, that there are always cases where hard disk repair is a must. These include:

  • Fire or flood damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Drive failure (typically accompanied by clicking or buzzing noises)
  • And others

Discover the Hard Drive Recovery Group difference. Remember, if we can't repair your hard drive, there is absolutely no charge.

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