As we have mentioned on occasion before, we simply love those IOSafe drives. A great idea, seems to be executed extremely well, and comes with the kind of price that doesn’t scream as “premium” as it would have a mere five years ago. Yes, the consolidation of the hard drive industry has been fantastic for users, and those prices aren’t going up anytime soon. Of course, hard drive recovery service costs are not going down.  IOSafe, though, seems to be in a class of its own as far as hard disk protection.

the IOSafe SSD

IOSafe: making hard drive recovery obsolete?

So, it appears the company is moving forward with this, its first SSD drive.  It’s certainly not for the thin of wallet, to be sure, but it’s nice to see them taking their hard disk safety technology forward with this $499 beauty. Plus, it’s one of the fastest hard drives PC Mag has ever tested, due in part to its USB 3.0 interface. At least that was then, of course. It is important to note that this blog was originally published in 2011. Data has changed a bit, and drives have become much faster overall.

Now, we’re really not the kind of techie to recommend SSD drives to users – we still consider the technology too new and expensive, and risky, frankly, – but this one has it’s own insurance policy. And by that we mean literally – IOSafe will give you up to $5000 dollars for hard drive recovery if it becomes necessary within the first couple years. Now, of course you won’t need close to that if you send in your drive to Hard Drive Recovery Group (nice plug!), but it does circumvent a lot of the fears that come with adopting a straight SSD hard disk.

Keep it up, IOSafe!