This drive erases itself!

Well, we suppose it was only a matter of time… Toshiba has just announced the introduction of “self-erasing” hard drives to its product portfolio, a product they’re saying is perfect to “help their customers protect sensitive data from leakage or theft”. To this, we say, thank you, Toshiba.

Thank you for the future hard drive recovery business. Because if there’s something we do know, it’s that this technology is probably going to work – perhaps a little TOO well for most users. Considering the high level of “accidental erasings” already part of our business in general, we really can’t see how this “self erasing technology” is necessary, but we can see how it’ll be pretty dangerous.

At any rate, even if security is a hyper-priority at your business, you may want to avoid these ones. We consider them to be one of the scariest technology ideas coming from the storage industry in some time!