When it comes to technology, new is always better. These gadgets have the sleekest look and the best features yet there is a big catch, they may come at a hefty price too. And when it comes to computers, nothing beats the cream of the crop, the Apple computers. Macs are often used by the rich and the affluent and they have a loyal user-base who started using their products from their early days until now when they have established themselves as a mega mammoth in the tech industry. If you are already a Mac user looking for an upgrade or a new one wondering what it is like to use an Apple computing device for a change, you surely won’t be disappointed with the new Apple line up.

You will definitely get what you asked for: a sleek device that truly delivers in terms of performance. While not problem free, it is easy to spot a Mac desktop from afar because it screams expensive and posh just by looking at it knowing that Apple did not compromise any of its inner workings. This is especially timely as people now have more use for their devices rather than just simply surfing the web and updating their social media accounts but as a tool in doing productive work whether in the office or at home. We live in a day and age when everything is almost digital and people flock to the web like flies to honey.

Apple announced the iMac Pro in June. The company called this “the most powerful Mac ever.”

The introduction was seen as a gesture of solidarity with its long-term desktop users who had started migrating to other platforms in response to the glacial pace of desktop Mac upgrades. Apple has also promised a vastly improved Mac Pro machine next year.

Three leaked Geekbench speed benchmarks of what appear to be Apple-customized Intel Xeon chips suggest these pro iMacs will deliver substantial performance gains, even when compared to high-end PCs from other manufacturers.

The fastest (10-core) model achieved 5,345 in single-core tests and 35,917 for multi-core performance. That’s at least 41 percent faster than the current high-end iMac. (Which, incidentally, was no slouch when I tested it earlier this year.)

(Via: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3234386/apple-mac/mac-users-are-you-ready-for-the-super-fast-imac-pro.html)

Apple understands how much sales have fallen in the PC department and it affects all PC manufacturers without exception. By offering desktop computers that aren’t just eye candy but totally efficient and multifunctional, they can stand out from the crowd and give consumers new reasons to choose a desktop over a laptop any time of the day. Apple is making all of us realize that we should be investing in high-quality equipment that allows us to do everything we need because we deserve nothing less.

When it comes to actual scores, the 8-core iMac Pro averages at 23,536 in multi-core tests, making it the highest performance of any iMac ever, nearly 22% faster than the top-of-the-line 5K iMac.

The 10-core iMac does even better, reaching a multi-core score of 35,917, some 41% better than the high-end Mac Pro featuring a 12-core Xeon E5 processor. The single-core result, 5,345, is faster than all but the highest 5K iMac released this year.

If that’s not enough, then you should remember that Apple will also have an 18-core iMac Pro on sale this December, but that model was not benchmarked yet.

(Via: http://bgr.com/2017/10/17/imac-pro-2017-benchmarks-vs-mac-pro-scores/)

By now it’s probably clear to you just how superior Apple computers are over its Window counterparts although we all know that at times, it all boils down to user preference as well. Some have been so used to using Windows computers that they may feel uneasy navigating MacOS especially that the two are like poles apart as to what’s inside their hardware. But if you are someone who won’t hesitate giving an Apple computer the time of the day, now is the best time to buy one with all the cool upgrades these gadgets now have. Moreover, Mac computers rarely experience getting ransomware attacks so you can spare yourself from the usual tech problems.