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Repair Hard Drive Problems

Each and everyday across North America, thousands of hard drives just like yours break, malfunction and outright fail. It's a fact of life for all users, and even though it doesn't feel good, it does not mean that your data is gone. It's not accessible via your operating system, possibly, but it does remain on the hard drive. And once you've determined how to repair your hard drive, you will be able to access that data again.

Create A Hard Drive Repair Action Plan

When you experience a physically damaged hard drive, nine times out of ten it isn't your fault, nor the fault of a faulty hard drive. Certainly, if your computer is less than a year old, then it is possible that your hard drive was poorly manufactured. But, even if you're still under warranty, companies like HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba and others will often replace your hard drive, but will not recover the data on it.

So what you need is a plan to get your data back. First off, we always offer this advice: do not panic (it sounds simplistic, but after 20+ years in the hard drive recovery business, panic and the resulting human error it creates is still the number one cause of permanent data loss). Power down your system, particularly if it is making any "clicking hard drive noises".

Great Advice - Free Of Charge

One of the absolute bonuses of the hard drive recovery industry is that nearly all companies will offer free technical support and diagnosis to virtually anyone with a hard drive problem.

Do we do this out of our sheer love for humanity? Well, sometimes yes, but mostly the data recovery industry offers free support because if we can help you recover data, we get paid. Meanwhile, if we fix your problem over the phone for free, we win, because the next time a friend has a similar problem to yours and asks for advice, you'll remember us. It's really a win-win situation.

Professional Hard Drive Repair Isn't Always Necessary

Repairing your hard drive in our full appointed data recovery clean room may not always be the best solution for you. In fact, although many of our competitors will rush you to ship your hard disk drive to them immediately, in many cases this is simply the wrong path.

There are a number of reasons for hard drive failure, and not all require in-shop repair. Instead, the solution may simply be a software or operating system issue we may be able to help you with. At no charge.

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Examining Hard Drive Failure Causes

Although there are hundreds of potential micro causes for hard disk drive failure, they can basically be thrown into two categories: file system problems, and physical hard drive problems.

Although many hard drive recovery companies would have you believe that physical hard drive issues are more commonplace, this is in fact not the truth. File system errors are far more common, even with such important technologies as NTFS, which enables recovery.

File System Errors Explained

Your file system is a complex, fragile piece of your computer. Technologies have gradually increased the robustness of this system, but it can still cause your hard drive to crash.

Symptoms of file system errors include the output of such messages as "file system inaccessible", "I/O Error", "operating system not found" and what is known in tech circles as "the blue screen of death" (on Windows Systems).

File system errors can occur at anytime, and may frequently be easily repaired with the correct data recovery software.

(Warning: If you experience file system errors, avoid using "Utility Programs" which are frequently readily available through large software vendors. These programs are not specifically made to repair your hard drive file system, and may damage or delete files you need)

The most common symptom of a file system error with Windows computers is the blue screen of death, and/or some kind of crash. Although these types of hard drive errors can also occur with physical hard drive crashes, they are often typical of file system or partition errors.

Whatever the case, it often is more prudent to try professional data recovery software, like that offered by Hard Drive Recovery Group, first, as typically the data recovery software route may end up being more economical.

Physical Hard Drive Crashes Or Failures
When your hard drive encounters a physical crash, error messages may occur like those mentioned above. The difference here is that they are typically accompanied by hard disk drive noises, such as clicking or buzzing sounds. These sounds are often caused my poor alignment in drive parts that may take place after years of use or just because of drive shock (through dropping, etc).

One of the best videos we've seen that explains and shows a hard disk drive is the video below by the Engineer Guy. Check it out and you'll understand exactly how a hard drive works.

Be warned: this is really technical stuff at times, but does give you a great idea of the engineering marvel that is your hard drive.

Using Your BIOS To Detect Drive Errors

If you have access to your computer's BIOS (and you understand how to use this particular interface), use the "Automatically Detect Hard Drive" setting (available in most BIOS programs). If your BIOS cannot detect your drive, and you have already tried to repair the hard drive using small footprint data recovery software, contacting a professional company like Hard Drive Recovery Group may be your best bet.

Never Repair A Hard Drive On Your Own

If hard drive repair software has failed to function because of a hard disk failure, you will definitely need a professional to repair hard drive issues.

Hard drives contain extremely intricate and delicate parts which are particularly susceptible to damage by dust or other small particles in the air. This is why Hard Drive Recovery Group (and other competitors who meet industry standards) use what is called a Clean Room. Clean Rooms must meet strict standards for air cleanliness and are the only way to ensure further physical hard disk damage does not occur.

Not sure which solution will work for you? Contact us here, or call us on the number above. We will ensure that your hard drive repair is done cost effectively, and with the best tools in the industry.

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Critical Recovery Tools

Hard Drive Recovery Group makes data recovery tools software available to users worldwide at competitive prices. These tools include our main data recovery software product, as well as file undelete software, drive wiping and digital photo recovery software for Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as old school OS's such as XP. Our mission is to provide safe data recovery while offering peerless customer service and competitive flat rate pricing. Part of our mandate is to ensure that our customers can recover their data themselves, and save money using our data recovery software tools.

While our in-lab clean room data recovery services are a critical part of our business, from which we recover thousands of hard drives every year, including RAID arrays, recently our developers have created data recovery tools which enable our customers to recover from simple data loss because of accidental deletion, or simple file system problems. These tools enable our clients to recover files and data even as a result of a virus attack or formatting, whether intentional or not.

Our hard drive recovery tools are based on some of the tools our technicians use at our lab. By using proprietary hard disk image creation technologies, you can be assured that your data is recovered safely and 100% intact. Many of our products feature a small footprint and can be saved directly to a floppy disk to ensure that data is not lost, as it is with some competing data recovery products, which require dangerous installation processes.

We also offer boot sector repair software, which can repair your boot sector in cases of virus attack or file system corruption. Meanwhile, Federal Department of Defense approved data wiping software can ensure that any sensitive data you want completely deleted from your drive will never be recoverable. This is particularly helpful for companies which are upgrading to new systems, and require that their old systems be wiped clean before sale.

Our data recovery tools provide you with a virtual data recovery shop to ensure you can quickly recover any data or files lost due to simple file system corruption, accidental or intentional file deletion, formatting or even due to worms, viruses or Trojan horse programs. What's more, they are completely data-safe - unlike most free data recovery software tools currently available on the web. Thousands of IT professionals worldwide carry a copy of our recovery software in their toolkit, and we have received emails from around the world touting its effectiveness.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is committed to providing fast, efficient and affordable data recovery tools and software solutions which set new standards our competitors have difficulty meeting. To find our more about our data recovery software tools, click here. To contact us, click here.

Please contact us here for a free hard disk drive data recovery quote. Don't let your data disappear. Hard Drive Recovery Group can help!

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